Business District

Companies that manufacture, (re-)sell or mediate goods and services can settle in the business District. In addition to three communal areas - the airport, the port and the business centre - there is also the option of renting your own building to increase visibility. Within such buildings, several rooms can be used by, for example, subsidiaries. An own building is granted as soon as you have 10 or more spaces for your company or group of companies.

The virtual representation of your own company can be reduced to offices or meeting rooms, but can also be expanded to include various areas such as a point of contact for maintenance and repair, a consulting corner for sales discussions, a place for discussions with system engineers and developers, and much more. Please contact us for implementation examples.

Within their virtual branch, you can offer documents and graphics for download as you wish, or you can provide videos that you have previously uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or your own servers. You can also hold virtual meetings or conferences in your branch. You can integrate your own tools for this. Visitors to your branch are registered by the system and offered to you as statistics. So you can see at any time who visited you and when. You can also integrate various chat systems in your branch. (, Rumble Talk, own)

The business centre is the main place to settle. For the design, we have a number of templates that can be adapted to your design and your needs. Furthermore, we can also work with real photos of your company headquarters or you can have special graphics created by us or your graphic designers. According to your needs.

The airport and port are themed business centres. Companies can choose to be present here or in the general business centre. If 10 or more areas are used by a company or group of companies, they have secured the right to have their own building. In this case, please contact us and we will discuss the details.