Public District

The public district is the area for the private individuals and public authorities. They can build up their profile and strive through the districts. They can meet up in the pub and can chat with each other in downtown. In the town hall is the management of the city. Town hall square is the information sector for the city. The community hall is the area for public authorities and public tender platforms.

In the Town Hall, all questions can be answered by residents in the registration office. Companies can formulate their wishes for the city, private individuals can ask questions about the service - this is a point of contact for all questions, problems and concerns.

The Town Hall Square will be the central place where we publish current information about the further development of the city and the improvements that have already been decided. Also a city map will be available here.

In Downtown, we will gradually open several restaurants and pubs in which information can be exchanged between residents on certain subject areas or speak to one another in topic-related chat rooms. With the chats we trust that the users adhere to the usual netiquette and will not use a moderator. If there are complaints here, we may change it.

The Community Hall is the place where public authorities can set up their representation. Technical departments and purchasing departments of public authorities as well as large companies can settle here free of charge. Here you can communicate, make requirements and place tenders. We will continue to gradually integrate the global tendering platforms.

Furthermore, we enable associations to move into their own offices free of charge.