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Growing together

instead of just talking to each other

We live in a world where it's not just about managing customer relationships. We want to offer customers services that help them make the best possible purchase decisions - not only in the consumer goods industry, but also in complex industries such as the aerospace industry, the defence industry and other high-tech industries. With this virtual city we want to take a first step in this direction - to offer customers a consulting environment in which they can search, compare, learn, advise and much more.

ADSC is a virtual “Aerospace & Defence Venue for International Service-Oriented Relations (ADVISOR)” that allows developers, manufacturers, traders, employers, employees and users of the aerospace, aviation, defence and related branches to settle in a familiar environment and handle their requirements and offerings.

Reduce costs – protect the environment

ADSC supports buyers in the search for products and solutions and enables sellers to present their products and solutions that require explanation. We are taking business to the next level - digitization. In this way, we help to reduce travel costs, reduce negative impacts on the environment and improve the speed of reaction in business relationships.

The underlying ADVISOR1 concept is new and unique

  • Toolbox for future-oriented sales, service and maintenance
  • Common platform for industry, media, authorities
  • Networking in your business area (seller, developer, buyer, user)
  • Conferences, webinars, training even for smaller companies
  • Simple and targeted job search / employee search

In order to create a sustainable and future-oriented community experience, we decided to choose the virtual platform of a city in which we all feel at home. Both private users and organizations (companies, associations, media) can feel comfortable side by side here.

Expandable like a real city, only without the real limits

To this end, we first founded four districts:

  • public district with administration, general information and settlement options for authorities and purchasing organisations,
  • business district with airport, port, business centre and many buildings in which companies can settle,
  • educational district with opportunities for further training, research and career development and ultimately
  • event district in which we can hold several events (trade fairs, conferences, ...) and where contact to publishers is made possible.

More details to this four districts can be found here.

Be transparent – trust each other

Participation in this project for private individuals is free of charge. Simply register at the city gate (link) and walk through the city. Access is only allowed for real people and therefore we regularly check the e-mail addresses given and ask the community for sincere information about yourself.

Companies that want to settle in the city, please fill out a registration form. You will then receive an individual offer and - after confirmation of the offer - an activation for the city. The pricing models can be found further down on this page.

Media houses and publishers have the option of registering as a company or as a media company in the event district. In the latter case there is the possibility to compensate your contributions by advertising in your magazines (online / offline).

Public authorities can settle in the public district completely free of charge.

Unfortunately there are access problems to the various services offered in some countries. Please understand that we are unable to resolve these issues.

1 Aerospace & Defence Venue for International Service-Oriented Relations